John Ov3rblast - Tetraktys

by Spaceal Orbeats



Outro release for September is the 15track ,Tetraktys LP
from John Ov3rblast.His electronic manifest,a blend
of deep emotional sounds ,his personal hybrid,it is
called deeptech spacedrone..and it really sends you in
space!The release is valley of sounds ,colours,feelings
deep thoughtful moments,tranced out twisted techno,
magical structures moving forward trying to expand your
vision of what future sounds.You will find your self in a
kaleidoscopic labyrinth ,for more than 2 hours ,lost
in the depth of his mind ,the producer from Greece trying
to compose the eleusis of the new world of sound ,where
everything is connected through the universal
consiouness ,the resurrection from darkness,where you
will experience the next dimension.The Tetraktys is the
Hellenic name for the central number symbolism of
Pythagorean philosophy and mysticism.John Ov3rblast
design his vision for the future and the things to come ,
open your heart and your soul and let you mind take you
in the world of Tetraktys .A new life through sound.

Bio John Ov3rblast

In the age of 8th he experienced the soundscapes of Jean Michel Jarre,Vangelis from the vinyls of his father.
Then later at the early age of 15 he started going out in the rave parties outside of the city borders of Athens where he discovered the rave culture and clubbing and spend there many years.
Started composing tracks using
personal computers commodore, Amiga just for the fun of it.
Using the turntables of a friend he started mixing his favorite flavors
from the Detroit scene and taking part in private parties. His personal soundscapes is a mixture of ambient cinematic, twisted tech, deep dubby and spacey atmosphere, trying always to live a new experience through sound , a new hybrid ''Deeptech Spacedrone''. His first release came out from Mac Trax Netlabel on 2010 together with his 2 hour weekly live set on Mac-Trax webradio. Next step was the Spaceal Orbeats webradio which gave him the experience to organize the weekly shows and collaborate with more than 22 producers around the world .The webradio transformed in an independent digital Label on 2011 with Cristal Interspace and so far he is expanding his knowledge and his sound pallet in each new release.
Now days also he is organizing parties under the name of Spaceal Orbeats which already have hosted Kintar, Damaged Man, Ozgur Ozkan, Asty Tekk to name a few in Athens.
Tune each 4th Thursday of the month on
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released September 27, 2012



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