Memphidos - Antiology

by Spaceal Orbeats



Next release comes from Greece and the most talented
producer Memphidos.He has his own way to
describe with sounds what means for him life and
the world he is dreaming .Wide padlines,dreamy
arps ,deep hypnotic drumloops,cinematic atmosphere.
The whole release reflects the deeper vision from the
heart and the soul of Memphidos ,unique sound colours,
rainbows from fantastic landscapes ,even if you
aren’t ready to experience these moments,you will feel
them ,there's no escape no frontiers there is only
the sound and the spiritual sphere of his mind.Get in
there and get lost in his virtual paradise.Memphidos
is here.

Biography of Memphidos

Memphidos is Dimitris Sakkas born in Greece.
Born in 1986 and deals with graphic design and motion graphics.
In his free time writing music in order to escape from reality, with landscaped melodic music and hardcore sometimes. Puts himself on a journey of creative music and video. Always looking for interesting new music which sometimes combine them with images.
Producing music since 2000, has participated in several groups with different types of music. Ambient - idm and breaks nailed him at the first years, he surprised with these kinds of music and how many feelings have these kinds of music. Released his first album called
Dirty Sky at 2009 through internet and free for download
From the 33 recordings.
Dirty sky revew at freeze mgzn greece:
Dirty sky it has it demonstrates a freshness in the musical

compositions and ideas combining elegantly the psy chill sound with idm
elements and more progressive beats. the production of the album sure wants
and other work, album however remains pleasant. Sure is that

Memphidos has many to gives


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released July 29, 2012

Cover Artist Memphidos



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